Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday,- ready to lock and load

Hey hey hey build teamers!
today was a pretty good day...

Alecia and I cut all the support beams for the high and low goals, while Emily, Aditi, and Jen measured and cut all the faces for the goals (esp. important for shooting balls through :) ). Kudos for Kersten's mom who brought their SUV for transporting those Big pieces of pylwood that Jen Diti and Em cut at IDEO.

Kersten and Juila are on their way to becoming master carpenters and decoders of confusing instructions. Kersten used her wits when we found no string in the shop to use a piece of wood, drill a hole through it, and use it as a circle template. so all we need to do now is jigsaw it out and we have a goal! YES! Juila found that the FIRST engineers are not so good at making instructions for people to easily understand. why they only label where to put the screws and not where to cut is beyond me.

Get ready for Crate painting tomorrow around 4 (yay! come with creative ideas for what we want to put on it and clothes that you don't care too much about...haha

Also tomorrow, we will start putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and connect all the seprate pieces of wood we have to make a kick butt high and corner goal!!!! yay!!! if we finish really quickly, we might even be able to start on the frame of the chassis! I remember deciding 6 wheels but we can talk about it tomorrow, possibly during the crate painting? Chassis design-framing, wheels, and such, will be continued on saturday

As a side note, Julia and Kersten have mad dance moves. Never even attempt to challange. or imitate. or anything. It's truely an amazing sight. :)

yay for ROBOTICS!

Once last comment, please please PLEASE be on time for our meetings. we start right away (at 4 tomorrow.) THANK YOU!!!


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