Monday, January 09, 2006

My time restraints.

Hey Gals,

First off, let me apologize, I'm not one to give excuses, but let's just say work is keeping me extremely busy.

Thus, I know I won't be able to contribute as much as I did as year, as far as time and commitment, but am glad to help out where I can if you don't mind keeping me around.

This means, that I won't be at the weekday meetings as much, but feel free to call or email or blog your questions. I probably won't be able to do everything you ask, but I promise I'll do whatever I can.

I left a few of my initial thoughts taped to the white board on the left in the project room, I'll try and drop by tonight and see how you're all doin.

By the way, you gals are starting this year off AWESOME! Great job team leaders! Keep it up!


1 comment:

Kersten said...

haha like we would mind having you around. You're so funny. Theoretically we'll be posting everything on the blog though, which will work well, you know, because we all know you spend all your time at work surfing the net and reading blogs.