Thursday, January 26, 2006

Taking advantage of Bud's Free Time

Yo Dudettes,

Yet another pitch to learn Solidworks or some CAD program during the off season . . . next year, I'm definitely leaving this kind of thing for you to do!!

1. Electronics component layout. I am making an executive decision to use last year's circuit breaker / distribution panel instead of this year's setup (which involves hooking three boards together, taking up more room and more time and more complexity). You ask, is this allowed? Please read Update #2 on the US FIRST website. I have a suggested layout for the components. You need AT LEAST SEVEN speed controllers this year - 4 CIM chassis motors, 1 turret motor, 1 launcher motor, 1 gate motor at least. So the layout has room for eight speed controllers (remember we only had five last year) and it gets a little squishy, so planning is important. Also, the board allows for room to actually manage the wires and cables WITHOUT having them drape over the fans. By god . . . geezus. Yuck. I'm going to get Bud to cut the base out tomorrow, and we're going to BOLT all the components to the board and WIRE them all up so it's ready to. NOOOOO velcro this year on the electronics board . . . please please please.

2. Camera Test Platform. In order to get Christina, Shirin, Erin and Sophia something to do while the build team continues to resolve the turret issue, we're going to build a mini-turret so that we can mount the camera to it and start programming it to respond like we want it to when it goes on the main turret. Notice the mini turret also has two limit switches on it to detect the boundaries of a 90 degree field of view. We need this hardware to support our software development . . . badly. Hopefully bud will be able to churn this out tomorrow as well.

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