Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ok, it's tuesday night, i'll make this one quick since i still have oodles of hw to do, feel free to add on.

-we went through a lot of stuff today.

motors- we have 10 that is A WHOLE LOT. much to work with. the hard part will be picking the right ones for the right movement. we will probably end up stealing 2 of the CIM motors off of Thor so we can have a 4 wheel drive system (Kersten-this means you and me need to talk) with 6 wheels. that leaves 8 left for whatever. think rotating wheels, levers, something to shoot the ball out with if not levers, etc.

electronics- EM gave us a quick overview on what the electronics we have are and what they are used for. ex. programmers might not need to do PWM code for all the motors if we use a regulator (is that right? the little black thing with things on each end that look like they'd plug into the wall but don't)

camera- we started putting it together today (we didn't get very far) but it doesn't look too complicated so we'll hopefully finish that up tomorrow night.

structural design- HUMAN LOADING AND SHOOTING HIGH (top goal) will be the things that we are focusing on this season. hence the camera. low goals are out because of defensive monuvers that could block them altogether.

Jen and Chris put together an awesome (but scary looking :) (but cool)prototype for the shooter with the spinning wheels (pitching machine style). there are still bugs to work out in the design, (angle, momentum, etc.) but that's why we prototype! it's a good jumping off point. you guys rock.

The most fabulous Doug got us a set of tools for christmas! THANK YOU!!! and if anyone sees him, give him a big hug, not only for the tool set, but also for his programming and anything to doing with engineering prowess.

Jen has volunteered to get stuff for building the hoop. yay for her.

please Please PLEASE be on time to your meetings guys. we only have 3 hours, which seems like a lot until you find yourself still in the project room at 8:45 thinking, "man, where did the time go?"
i would love it...
Also, if you aren't comming or you are going to be late, please let me know. i will not remember if you just talk to me. send me an e-mail. send me a text message. put a note on my locker. it all works. i won't get mad at you for comming late if you tell me beforehand. thanks.

i'm kinda nervous about this competition, but I also think we can KICK SOME BUTT. the farther we get into it, the more fun it is. you can't imagine how funny things are when you haven't slept more than 4 hours in a week. :) so let's give it our all these next 6 weeks so we can beat the (*cough*) out of 254
ok that's about it.



HomogeneousTransform said...

CHRISSY YOU ROCK GIRL. Bad-ass. It totally posted, but only a few minutes later.

thunder & lightning said...

i love you too em...we're gonna get through this thing alive, AND build a cool robot too :)