Saturday, January 21, 2006


hola chicqitas
(+j-rock)(and ed)

we PROTOTYPED today!
We (mostly Kersten and Juila) built an awesome prototype of the two wheels horizontally from the transmission motors and the 2 wheels that Kersten, Aditi and I got this morning (7" diameter, about 1.5"thick.)it kicked butt.
also yay for Diti and Jen who got screws! woo-hoo
from the prototype we concluded
-the wheels will have to be much closer together than where we put them, the ball is really squishy and the more of it touching the wheel, the better
-we will not be using the transmission motors for the spinning wheels. They are too slow. I'm pretty sure we will use the CIM mini-bike motors. Bud and his infinite genius helped us get the funky top off the top of that thing, but we're still not quite sure what to do with the screw that is sticking up. I want to cut it off, because if we want to put anything on top of it, i.e. a gear, we will need the space . I'm not really sure what you'd use it for. But I could be completely in the dark. Emily? What do you think about this?

vertical or horizontal?
-Since em mentioned the very good point that other robots could just sit and block us, I'm kind of thinking a vertical wheel because we could have it up higher and it would only be one, where as the 2 horizontal wheels i have trouble picturing higher up on the robot. hmmm...

ok. that's all except that I am having trouble finding a place that sells solid rubber wheels that are about 5 inches wide. boo-hiss.

last but not least,
a shout out to j-rock, who is always here (by here i mean at school) and lives far away. yay for him!

i like cake. i hope you guys do too... :)

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