Thursday, January 26, 2006

"and then your mother was like..."


more demolishing of thor
(he's getting botox and liposuction)

more wheels on the chassis, the bearings will be in tomorrow so yay! then we'll have the full 6 wheels and we can put the chain on...woo-hoo!
we also lock-tighted screws, and moved the transmissions over a bit, realized they needed washers, unscrewed, washered them, screwed them back, realized we needed to lock tight, unscrewed, locktighted, screwed back in. we screwed those transmissions at least 6 times. damn.

yay for Doug! who showed us a bit about the electronics. we stipped some wires, connected them to the circut breaker and the main breaker. woo-hoo! and we connected them RIGHT this year! :)

aluminum/ steel sheets at mcmaster for the bottom underneath the turret:
7255K35: anodized alluminum, 3/8", 24"x24" at a whopping $255. is this normal? did i click on something special? agghh!
89155K28 - 3/8" 18"x18" aluminum for turret...only $122 (!)
88895K56 -think shet of aluminum if we do a steel one underneath...only 35$, but thickness is 1/8" 24"x24"
9019K517 steel - 3/16" thick, 18"x12" a damn **** load of money at $146.5
9720K37 - steel 1/8" thick, 24"x20" $269

still need to buy ball casters (unless emily, you've already ordered them?))(5674K51)

for holding up the shower curtain:
6535K31 - Perforated square steel, like swiss cheese, only less smelly 23.72/6'or something else

maybe we should go dumpster diving at ideo and see if we can fish up a large piece of metal. i think that is our best bet.

thanks to heidi for bringing food and cleaning the white board that Doug brought that is now mounted on the wall. yay!
ok. yeah.
c'ya tomorrow. it should be fun. wheels and transmission and chains OH MY!


HomogeneousTransform said...

Don't forget Alan Steel or Aluminum REM. Local places will charge a helluvah lot less than mcmaster.

thunder & lightning said...

ok i'll check
thanks, i was having trouble sleeping last night... :)