Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How'd they do that? Driving Six Wheels . . .

Here's where scouting comes in real handy. I knew you guys were thinking six wheels before the kickoff so when I saw Team 115's robot (Monta Vista) at the kickoff, I took a closer look. I assumed we needed discrete driving loops for each wheel, but take a closer look at what they have done . . . very smart . . . I wonder what the potential for chain slippage was. Also check out their battery mount. That's some gorgeous stuff.

By choosing to do six wheels, I had some serious concerns about being able to align all the wheels in the same plane. That's really important. So now we have one potential answer that's pretty good.

Often times, we open our eyes a little wider beyond what we think we know and can guess, and all our answers come flooding in.

Team 115 is here:

It'd be awesome if they could help mentor us a little bit.

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