Friday, January 27, 2006

I, Wanna Rock and Roll All Night...

and party everyday...

ok. here is my prediction. Every day in the upcoming week, the new robot (name yet to be fashioned) will look consiterably different

today we...

emily brought over a beautiful piece of electronics mastery that bud made, and julia started hooking up all the wires from the master circut breaker to the speed controlers. kersten is now the master chain breaker. i, on the other hand, had some *difficulty* with the chain. :)

also built a mini-turret for programming (it's not quite finished)to prgram camera with. mieter saw works wonderfully with aluminum.. :) (heh heh heh)

went to IDEO to use the arbor press to press bearings into wheels!

we still need 2 hubs for wheels.

focus our efforts on hub-capping the wheels, which means that we will have one side that will run like a dream, and one that will will run like 2/3 of a dream. so that also means chain

more electronics. attaching wires to speed controlers takes longer than you think it does. maybe by the end we can mount the electronics on.
perhaps we could also design a battery mount and make it?
turret design, exact-ifyed

order a sporcket (we seem to have one missing...why they gave us an odd number i don't know)
order hubs (2)
make calls about steel/aluminum rods to hold up the shower curtain
make calls to alumimum places to get quotes on mounting plate for turret.

ok, over and out. comment something if i forgot it.

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HomogeneousTransform said...

Yo dudette - nice work! Here's what's on my list to get for now.

1. 4 WHEEL HUBS? You have two front wheels that still need hubs (a pair for each right)? Coming Wednesday. Hang tight for now.

2. WHEEL SPROCKET? I magically happen to have two extra in the back of my trunk. I eat sprockets for breakfast.

3. BATTERY MOUNT? Talk to Alecia. She has something coming along - designed to be built with angle iron (something you can cut on the miter saw).

4. ALUMINUM PLATE? You'll love aluminum REM tomorrow. Chris Countryman is coming to take you there sometime between 10 am and 3 pm. You can get a 2'X2'X1/8" thick plate for probably about $40.00. Get two sheets - one for the stationary platform and one for the rotating turret. Not bad I have to say! Also pick up like 8 feet of 1'X 1'X 1/8" angle iron.

5. MISCELLANEY that Emily will obtain Saturday morning:

- 1.25" 8-32 screws and nuts (like 50 of them) for the electronics board.

- More 1/4" or 3/8" dia heat shrink

- PWM Cables of different lengths(probably from IFI robotics)

- Will lasercam some temporary hubs for you guys.

See you tomorrow morning!