Saturday, January 28, 2006

"saturday, saturday...saturday, saturday"

(nights all right)

Kersten, Chris (countryman) and I went on a scavanger hunt for a piece of metal. it lead us the aluminum REM, which, after 1/2 hour of trying to open the side entrance door, ringing non-existant doorbells, waving money around, and talking into security cameras, we decided was closed. to confirm this, we went to the ajacent tool supply store where they told us that it was never open on weekends. boo-hiss. but they did give us KICK ASS directions to a place called Triangle Machinery, which is like Allen Steel, only not as big and a ::little:: more orginized. there we got some Bling Bling (no joke) and a sweet piece of 1/8" thick by 44"x28" for only $40. YESSS!
unfortunatly, when we tried to cut it to size, it took out the blade (as in now it's smooth)yipes. we found a place in san carlos that carries the right kind of blade, $20. ToolLand. but we're debating whether it is worth it or should we just go and get a big piece of aluminum because it is easier to machine. thoughts?

juila did more electronics. yay!

half our robot runs! yay! mounted electronics board! woo-hoo! now we're just waiting for 4 more hubs and we're good to go.
when i say half our robot runs, i'm saying that it is "running circles" around our compitition. in fact, it is running circles around everything, the field, the floor, people. (did i mention that the left side isn't moving?) but it's all good, because that will be fixed soon. yay for coders. and hooking things up right. let's be nice to the speed controlers b/c we just discovered that they're :quite: expensive.

In Other News...
I have officially been here for every light turn off except for 2am and 4am
we might be able to change that in the upcomming weeks... :) (evil laugh inserted here)
[Edit by Sophia: I've seen the 2am shut-off!]

and putting in my two cents, i like rosie the riveter for our robot name...

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