Monday, January 09, 2006

Critical for Build and Brain to work together

This is seriously a tough game guys. The more I write, the more I realize all of build and all of programming need to sit down and hang together.

Here's the most current programming blog entry:

With all this auto-targeting stuff that we want to do, build and programming have to decide TOGETHER what they want to tackle and what the constraints are i.e. do we hold the shooting device at a fixed angle? If the shooting device needs to move at all i.e. a turret on a tank, build needs to coordinate with programming and vice versa to make sure that 1) we can actually build it and 2) we can actually code it to do what we want.

And here's to the tank!

- Emily

1 comment:

Edward said...

The camera in line with the shooter is such a great idea.

and speaking of the terms that Emily and I brain farted on, regarding the orientation of the camera, I believe is "zenith" and "azimuth" angles.