Wednesday, January 11, 2006

VICTORYYY!!!!!!! Solid...WORKS!

YAAAAAAAAAAY! I finally got the program SolidWorks up. Thank you Emily, Mr. Barriger, Mr. Rockman, Sophia, and Shirin for your help! And....I BUILT A CUBE!!!!! ^_^ -dancing around the project room- okay. yeah. my momentary celebration.-throws down football in the endzone- score. kay. now, I need a direction to go. Emily and Ed, any advice for what I should do?


HomogeneousTransform said...

YOU ROCK GIRL!!! There should be tutorials on Solidworks that you can spend some time working through. Focus on 'Parts' and 'Assemblies' for now and on the very basic stuff like 'extrude', 'cutout', and the world of sketching the profile.

Lemme think about the game plan for this a little bit. Ed, we have a full database for a lot of the parts in the KoP - we can download them and get pretty far with a simple assembly, quickly.

Y'know that the animation team will . . . LOVE YOU!!

Edward said...

cool. Try the tutorial in Solidworks. Also, I'll drop off the book I learned solidworks on.

Emily or I can help with with it, too.

We can also model some of the more complicated parts probably for you.