Friday, January 13, 2006


Hey all
First things first
SATURDAY-10:15-2:30 OR 3
MONDAY - we will meet, and tomorrow we'll talk about the best time for everyone, I am suggesting 11-2, but that's not set in stone.

So today we painted the crate! It's finally done!

6 wheels provide lots of traction, which we need, and 6 wheel drive enables us to have all 6 wheels powered(attached to the transmission. This is better than 4 wheel drive because then the middle ones would not be powered and it would basically turn into a 2 wheel drive system.

Alecia and I did one transmission box, (using the directions from last year :) and Kersten measured out and we all helped cut the hole in the largest sheet of plywood for the center goal.

-build field elements
-finish transmissions (without the sprockets though, b/c we need two more for the 6 wheel drive design-we'll put them on later)
-Finalize robot design!!!

I know this is a lot of stuff but I think you guys are up to it!
if we get going early and work hard we'll finish in no time. The goal stuff is all cut save for one piece and the transmission is pretty simple to do. The hard thing will be finalizing the design. Where do we want the "funnel" to lead to? Do we want some sort of ramp bringing balls down? What is the right velocity for the two-wheeled shooter? Dimensions? Etc.

everyone give Emily, Doug, and Mr regimen hugs tomorrow, they are so badass and they rock. They also enable us to actually DO everything we do.



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HomogeneousTransform said...

Yo dudettes, lots of stuff getting done. Finishing the field elements is definitely the first thing that can be done for sure.

As to the transmissions - someone needs to find the last CIM motoro that Jen and Chris prototyped with in the physics room - we can't build the last transmission without them! ICK.

You can also start building the chassis frame if you wanted to.

Good luck build! - Emily