Thursday, January 19, 2006

Benchmarking Ball Shooting and Pitching

Dear build team - perhaps the reason why I am bringing the vertical positioning on the table is because I've seen it done before, in baseball pitching machines, and in various mechatronics and robotics projects at the college level around the country. I guess I feel more comfortable for your success knowing that we're scaling up a proven concept, rather than going with our gut.

Here's the evidence that I've found from various sources:

1. The electrical engineering department at Stanford had a tournament one year that involved many launchers of this sort. For a photograph of the real robot, check out THIS PAGE.

2. Undergraduate students at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne (an excellent engineering school) also solved a similar problem the same way. For more information about their task, check out THIS PAGE.

3. And finally, last but not least, here's a reminder of what a baseball pitcher looks like.

Help me prove out that your concepts also have high potential for success!

Yes, there are many nights I can't sleep because of you . . .


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