Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday is cool

Today rocked. We built stuff and drilled stuff and stuffed stuff.

Built: Parts of center goal, to be assembled when we figure out where we're going to put it (monday). New key for saw/sander, so we don't need to keep moving the yellow one to use them. (It's purple and is currently in the saw).

Put up the glasses holder in the shop that Bud gave us.

Put a metal and polycarbonate blade on the bandsaw after breaking the wood/polycarbonate saw due to a weak weld.

Meant to get to assembling the chassis w/ six wheels, but didn't get around to it. Now we have that to do Monday when we meet from 10-3.

Turns out we aren't missing a fourth motor, it never existed. We'll order it.

We have taken up WPS Robotics on their offer to sells us some of the Poof basketballs that we'll need. They've already ordered, but have some extra, and with shipping they'll cost about $7 each.

We also built the box for the green light that'll go above the center goal, and painted a red circle around the center goal so we can see it. Yay.

We have also decided that J Rock needs a pet rock. Anyone who would like to donate theirs should contact Kersten and Chrissy. We will conduct interviews with the rocks to maximize personality compatability with The Rock (yay he definitely needs a pet rock because it's his name and also he's probably lonely without his cat).

That's all the exciting stuff, except that Bud came and helped out with a whole ton of stuff and is totally awesome and now some of what we did actually works. Huzzah!

Also, bear in mind the size of the screws you're using when you're screwing stuff together. Otherwise bad things may happen.

And in a gesture to the Department of Redundancy Department, we'll say again that we have decided on a 6-wheel and 6-wheel-drive robot.


Kersten and Chrissy

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TranquilityBase said...

I have plenty of rocks...some from the beach...some from disneyland...some from school...some from can't remember where... and some from was one of my dedicated hobbies as a child