Monday, January 09, 2006

low goals and high goals

Hey hey hey! first point of the season
so today we talked about different designs
1)for picking up balls
-ball harvester
-scoops up balls/ pushs them into a ball storage area with a paddle wheel type design. it woudl span the entirty of the front of the robot so to pick up any balls that come our way. Hits about in the middle of the ball so the ball isn't pushed into the ground. Possibly could have "protecters" that come out and protect the front "harvester" on defense. i think we've all agreed that this is a good idea.

2)lower Goal and Higher Goal
-we have realized there is no rule against sitting in front of the bottom goal and blocking it for the entire round. ick!!!
therefore, we are thinking more about the higher goal than we were yesterday. catapult? we've definatly said no to pnumatics. We're thinking maybe a spring loaded something...

more later!




Kersten said...

My dad said something about relative GPS systems, so maybe we can do something with a gps where we drive up to the goal and enter the coordinates and then we will know exactly where we are relative to the goal anywhere on the playing field.

thunder & lightning said...

are you being serious? i think ed talked about something like that, when the robot feeds you the exact infor on where it is and such. we're pretty sure that's illegal. not for sure though, i'll check with ed again

Jon Rockman said...

Interesting idea, but regardless of the rules question, is it really practical? Under the best conditions, the accuracy of GPS is something like a few meters -- nowhere near what you would need to implement this. Unless you were talking about setting up your own system within the game field? Transmitters spaced around the field, atomic clocks, laser sightings, etc etc... Nah.