Friday, January 20, 2006

"Rubber Ducky, You're The One..."

talked about stuff today.

advatages of vertical wheel or horizontal wheels. will prototype tomorrow.
for the mesh NETTING on top- suggestion - use a clear plastic shower curtain, or one with rubber duckies or something cool and shower-curtain-like, so it's clear and strong. that way things won't get caught in it. yay.
we also discussed stuff, like what our angle of freedom on the turret should be, we're thinking around 120. yeah.
we're pretty sure that the angle of the shot WILL NOT MOVE. that means that it will YAW ( <----> )(side to side) but not PITCH (^ v )(up and down)

come prepared
we will:
-prototype vertical and horizontal wheel design with crap pnumatics from ace.
-test which motor we want to spin the shooter wheels
-press the bearings into the wheels (IDEO)
-put wheels on chassis.

ok my brain is dead, if i remember anything else, i'll post it.

that's a lot to do, and we can spilt up and do different things. get ready!!!

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