Sunday, January 15, 2006

Six wheel drive: What other parts do you need?

So you’ve decided on six wheel drive. It’s really important now that you spend some time together on the web and with the KoP and figure out what extra parts you need to purchase.

How many more 21 tooth #35 output sprockets do you need? (Hint: We talked about needing a really thin sprocket for the middle set of wheels – don’t worry about that detail for now. Just think about how many more output sprockets you need in general).

How many more 28 tooth #35 wheel sprockets do you need?

How many CIM motors do you need?

Finally, what’s it all going to cost?

Remember that you won’t be able to complete the chassis without these parts and that parts always take a good amount of time (atleast 2 days) to be purchased and shipped! So plan for that!

PLEASE let J Rock know what you need before NOON on MONDAY! If you can tell him that, there is the potential to get all the parts shipped to you by Wednesday!

All the information about the parts can be found here:

Good luck Build Team!

- Emily


thunder & lightning said...

we need 2 more 21 tooth #35 output sprockets, one for each of the transmissions.

we need one more 28 tooth #35 wheel sprockets, we already have one for one of the sides

one more CIM motor


is that right? i think so....
let me look up price, i'll be right back...



HomogeneousTransform said...

Here's a few hints ;)

** Every wheel you want to drive needs 1 output sprocket and 1 wheel sprocket. **

Right now, you have enough to do 2 wheel drive: Meaning that you have 2 output sprockets and 2 wheel sprockets to drive 2 front wheels.

For six wheel drive, you need to drive all six wheels . . .

thunder & lightning said...

right, but don't we already have 4 output sprockets? so we only need 2 more to make it 6 (the skinny ones)

i think i'm forgetting which ones go where... :(

thunder & lightning said...

large 28 tooth sprocket is
small 21 tooth sprocket is $20

can't find the CIM motor on the IFI page

HomogeneousTransform said...

Cool. CIM motor price is here:

If you look in Section 5 of the big manual for the Kit of Parts, I think you'll find on page 29 of 30 that you received 2 output sprockets and 2 wheel sprockets in the 2006 kit.

The output sprockets are the ones that are keyed, with the really fat hubs. The wheel sprockets are the ones with the holes on them for you to bolt them to the wheels.

We might have some left over from last year - maybe that's why you have the number 4 in your head? We should really really check tomorrow.

thunder & lightning said...

yeah, i was wrong...