Monday, January 09, 2006

Lots and lots of practice balls?

Just in case we're interested in this kind of quantity, this email came in from FIRST central...

Greetings Teams:

Poof-Slinky has offered the following option for teams:

For a minimum order of 48 balls, teams can call customer service (800) 329-8697 with a credit card and order the #850 Basketball at the wholesale price of $4 each plus FedEx Ground shipping. 

**Important** - in order to get the discounted price, you cannot place the order on-line; you must call the number above.


HomogeneousTransform said...

Perhaps we can contact the rookie teams in our area and ask them if they would like to have 6-8 balls if we go and purchase 48 in bulk.

1700 IDEO & Castilleja School Palo Alto, CA USA

1834 San Jose Job Corps/NASA Robotics Education FIRST Sponsorship Program/MetroED & SIATech San Jose, CA USA

1868 NASA Ames Research Center & Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County & Harbor High School Moffett Field, CA USA

1925 NASA & New Community Jewish High School West Hills, CA USA

1967 Google & Notre Dame High School San Jose, CA USA

1970 Google & East Palo Alto High School Menlo Park, CA USA

thunder & lightning said...

hi em, we were thinking more along the lines of 15 balls, since they're cheaper now. think last year tetras. they get destroyed, lost, chewed on(bad kersten)