Sunday, January 08, 2006

your mother posted last night

Am i quick to post or what? heh heh heh. who is tranquilitybase? as a suggestion, let us end each post with a
- (your name here)
or at least until we all know who everyone else is.

ok that's my 2 cents.




HomogeneousTransform said...

Yeah, I totally agree. Who the heck is tranquility base? ;) I suspect it was Alecia.

HomogenousTransform is Emily. I am a nerd. One day when we are bored, I will tell you what it is, like I promised to tell you what a beer bong is.

thunder & lightning said...

sounds shibby...yay!

(shibby is such a wierd/ funny sounding word.)


aditi said...

look. my username is easily discernible.